Monday, January 28, 2002

Well, I don’t quite know how to describe this site

All I can say is check it out. I forget how I stumbled upon it ... blogsnob maybe? The home page is just the tip of the iceberg. Damn Hell Ass Kings
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KISS, Part One

Gerry McGovern makes some good points in his current article: The need for simple English on the Web.

"Writing is about communicating. If your reader requires a dictionary of slang in order to wade through your content, chances are you wont have too many readers." Hear hear!

And for the most part, I agree with him. Until I get to this paragraph:

"Unlimited choice scares people. (Practically nobody goes beyond the second page of search results.) Complex language confuses them. Long convoluted documents turn them off."

Which is pretty patronizing stuff. Unlimited choice does not scare people, for cryin' out loud - people have limited TIME and limited PATIENCE - so why bother going beyond the first page of search results if one finds what's needed there? Isn't that the point of searching vs. surfing? Complex language is a waste of TIME - so why bother? Convoluted documents waste TIME and PATIENCE, so why bother with them? There are too many choices available for any web user to put up with bullshit of any ilk. If the crap detector goes off, a reader immediately moves on unless the info is absolutely essential (such as bank-speak, like that found on Chase Online).

One thing web writers ARE doing well is contributing to the destruction of the English language. But I'll save that for my next rant.
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Sunday, January 27, 2002

Playing hooky another day

Again, the day was beautiful. I wanted to check out our municipal beach, Calf Pasture (Norwalk, CT) since I'd only been there at night to see the fireworks. Not a very interesting beach - we didn't stay there long. It was interesting seeing the islands in the Sound, though, but we couldn't see Sheffield Island Lighthouse from the beach, which disappointed me.

On the boardwalk at Calf Pasture.

It's very blue today.

Lady feeding the gulls. Mickey D fries, I think ...

We decided to head over to Sherwood Island again, since it really is one of our favorite places. It was a lot more crowded today but still empty and fresh.

On the east side of the island this time.

Ginger walks in a big circle when she's checking out new sights and smells.

Time to play!

What's that??

Dogs fly.

Winter days are much too short.

And then we headed home, where we face Ginger's creation: purloined catalogs shredded so well and so thoroughly we're thinking about renaming her "Enron."

Next trip, we take the cat, too.
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Perfect Day

The dog had so much energy she was wearing us out just standing there. And it was sunny, in the mid 50s, and the snow was gone. A break beckoned, so we went to Sherwood Island. These are very low-res images so they load this century, alas ...

A perfect day. Not your typical Connecticut January day, that's for sure.

Ginger takes Stanley for a walk.

Practically walking on water.

Dog smiling at the moon.

A man, a dog, a goose, Long Island Sound.


Eventually, we had to go home. Twitch was waiting for us.
Twitch supervising his human.
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Friday, January 25, 2002

Blog Traps

gadget-girl is another blog that traps you in its URL. Stupid.
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Sanctity of Life Day? Puhleeese ...

Mork Morford's Notes & Errata column about Dubya's National Sanctity of Life Day - a smack in the face to women with IQs higher than 80. Bush Does Abortion Right / Lock up your daughters and subdue your girlfriends, it's National Sanctity of Life Day
--- [snip] ---
"National Sanctity of Life Day. It's positively poetic. Let it roll around in your mouth. Taste that bitterness? That acidic aftertaste?

"That's a very special sort of hypocritical irony, rich in creamy gloating as U.S. bombs still rain down on Afghanistan, where thousands of innocent men, women, and children lie dead because of our actions and here's Bush, declaring National Sanctity of Life Day ostensibly to protect unborn fetuses but actually to protect and assuage a fickle and much-needed voting bloc. ...

"The U.S. is sending increasing numbers of troops around the world right this very minute, the last batch just landing in the Philippines, U.S. soldiers now stationed in over 140 countries and counting, the "war" on terrorism a rather tedious and vague part of our everyday lives, and we are told to appreciate the sanctity of life.

"After all, aren't we protecting said sanctity all over the world via countless covert actions and puppet governments and military tribunals and eternally detained immigrants and wiretapped phone calls without your knowledge? You bet we are. Cherish the sanctity."
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pong: the dark side

When Pong goes bad! Check this out (ignore the Czech text - just watch it) PONG.
posted by lee on 01/25/02 at 03:25 PM

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Thursday, January 24, 2002

Suck sites sucked away by WIPO

WIPO takes 80% of all (whatever)sucks domain names away from the owners and gives them to the protest-filing companies - so much for free speech on the net. But attorney Ed Harvilla came up with a solution: "Sucks" sites to be doled out for free.

'Harvilla and a group of silent partners are launching the Free Speech Center.Ӕ Harvilla has dozens of .com, .net, .org, and .info domain names than can be appended with a prefix known to technologists as the hostname of a URL ח to make a logical protest site destination. On the list:,,, and So any company that didnt like HarvillaҒs site could create a site calledӔ'

One can only hope it catches on. We need to thin the ranks of the gruntled.
posted by lee on 01/24/02 at 07:16 PM

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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Technoerotica’s Opt Out links page

Beings have asked me how to find this. It's here: No More Popup Ads.
posted by lee on 01/23/02 at 06:06 PM

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Check out KATBOT.

I'm not quite sure what this Funny Garbage site is all about, but the design and execution is pretty interesting. Hello Kitty lovers will like this site a lot, I do believe.
posted by lee on 01/23/02 at 05:38 PM

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