Saturday, January 12, 2002

K-Force Guest Book

Check out the Guest Book on The K-Force. I've never seen one like this before. But then, I don't particularly look for guest books.
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Chasing Sleep

Watched Chasing Sleep (2000) with Jeff Daniels & a buncha unknowns. About an English professor who is losing his mind - you watch as his mind caves in. I thought it was excellent - it kind of reminded me of Memento - and I'm surprised it didn't seem to make it to theaters around here (I would've noticed a Jeff Daniels movie - for some reason, he's one of my favorite actors). Saxon is a guy whose wife goes missing - but it's not your usual "guy whose wife goes missing" movie. A lot of imagery here, people constantly popping pills, blood, water ... a claustrophobic house ...

We also watched Ginger Snaps, a 2000 Canadian movie about two goth adolescent girls coming of age. One gets infected by a werewolf. It starts out well, interesting study of sisters who are outcasts in the town because they're so morbid. Even the changes that start happening as a result of the infection/start of menopause are interesting and different. But it goes on way too long and begins to fall apart in the last third. It's definitely worth a look. Features Mimi Rogers in the role of the girls' mother - a dippy character that doesn't fit with Mimi's "I've seen plenty of rough times" face. Quite a lot of nasty digs to listen for.
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Silly stuff, but I love Alice ...

The March Hare

You're blunt and open, and have a reputation for being ruthless. Blood and gore don't bother you, and neither do the reactions of other people when you tell them exactly what you think of them. In fact, you say what you mean quite often, and nothing seems to affect you at all. You are comfortable with who you are, but you're also quite insane.

Via Puppet Press Journal, which was via clarablog
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Friday, January 11, 2002

Moron sighting

Grocery refuses to take dad's coins to pay for baby food; store cites anthrax fear. Stupid stuff.
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Color of the Universe

As readers can probably guess by looking at the logo bar on this page, I like colors and spectra. So I loved reading about the color of the universe:

According to Karl Glazebrook & Ivan Baldry, astronomers at Johns Hopkins University, the universe is green. Sooner or later (like in a few billion years), the universe will be red. This is their chart, which shows the color of the universe (the left and right colors are for comparison):


Lest you think the search for the color of the universe was a quest for new and improved paint colors, researchers say, "The cosmic spectrum tells us about the history of star-formation in the Universe." The decimal RGB equivalents are 0.269, 0.388, 0.342.

Glazebrook and Baldry used John Walker's "Colour Rendering of Spectra" work to figure out the RGB equivalents.

I think the universe was a much prettier color about six billion years ago.
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Oh, this is cool:

Top Secret Recipes on the Web - a recipe for Screaming Yellow Zonkers ... and Zingers ... and Twinkies, Orange Julius, and on. Hmm, nothing about that awful tasting crap they put in Starbuck's coffee - I'm convinced it's some kind of addictive drug or why else would anyone drink that crap?
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Witchblade ... the new season

Witchblade doesn't begin season two until next summer! By then I will have forgotten what it is about. I like it, have a weird kind of fascination with it, but not enough to watch reruns, 'fer cryin' out loud. Production is only now starting - what the hell were they waiting for??
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Idle Time

15 Things to do when you're bored at Wal-Mart. Courtesy of Onomatopoeia. Guess there's not that much to do in Montreal. eh? (Like there's just SO MUCH to do in Connecticut ... )
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Thursday, January 10, 2002

A site i just like to look at

As well as read. It's Notes from the Road, by Erik Gauger. It's both interesting and beautiful. There are a couple of navigation problems, and maps would be wonderful, but all in all I head here when I just need a dose of just plain pretty and I'm in a mood to explore.
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Sightings ... this is a strange one

Go here now. My favorite, I think, is "To be recited at the neutering of a humming bird." Why does exist this?

This is another sighting. It has potential, but a bit skimpy at the moment: Corporate Badwill Blog. I bet it wouldn't take too much effort to get just a couple more stories ...

The question is this: will I feel well enough to go to work tomorrow - actually driving to the place I mean, rather than working at home? I'm very glad I worked at home today instead of going in -- I would've had to have left early and the thought of the trek on I-95 with every muscle aching ... a lot to be said for VPN.
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