Friday, April 04, 2003

Bush is an economic terrorist

More Than 100,000 Jobs Cut in March (Associated Press via

About 8.4 million workers are unemployed, with the average duration about 18 weeks.

I wish the 18-week average duration were true in my sector.

Analysts are saying the war is making the economy much, much worse. So, we "liberate" the Iraqi people -- a fat lot of good that will do an American who can't pay the bills because there are just no jobs to be had.

It makes me ill to think of all of that money being wasted on bombing buildings and killing children when all that money could be spent here in the U.S. on education, job training, infrastructure development, and more.

Bush & his fellow criminals are hurting the United States more than Hussein ever could. Bush is obscene. He is a more serious threat to America than any foreign terrorist -- he is harming millions.
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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

brain scatterings

It's snowing right now. Heavy thick gloppy stupid snowflakes. Very depressing. I went to Weather Underground to look at the "norms" for this time of year ... about twenty degrees colder than it normally is. Weather Underground is a great weather site for weather info junkies, which I am. A LOT better than

I turned off the news for a while. I had to.

Has been mostly firefighting so far today -- I'm anxious to get going on a new design (well, two new designs, one for the main InfoPulse site) but there have been a bunch of little things I've had to take care of. Kinda like as soon as one thing is dealt with, another pops up in its place. Stuff that needs taking care of so it doesn't grow up to be a big thing. So this is, I guess, a "clearing my palate" entry.

One of the little things had to do with listing in the open source directory (DMOZ). I'm an editor for one category (just one out of 460,000-plus categories). It's a volunteer thing -- I was tired of waiting for a listing to appear, checked, found this category needed an editor, so I volunteered. Better to light a candle kind of thing. I take great care with my category and I am scrupulously fair about the listings since that's the only way this can work.

At any rate, I got a message from a listee wannabe whining about why his site isn't listed yet. This guy is trying to gain an advantage by getting his site listed in the exact same category more than once by having two different websites for the exact same business. Like I don't check these kinds of things? My first inclination was to deny him both listings since he's trying to cheat. But I gave him a choice: this one or that one, not both. I want to assume he just made a mistake and that he's not a weasel. I want to.

Okay, palate is clear, I have another cup of coffee, the dog is happy, and it's too cold to work in the garden dammitall, so back to work ...
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