Breathing room, finally

Had two big deadlines, both of which we met! The first was getting up a new website for the Massachusetts/Israel company Bandwiz: We're pretty proud of this site. We still have a bit more work to do on it, but it's all under-the-hood stuff. For the most part. Building this site is a pleasure because the folks there are so cool and so easy to work with.

The other deadline met was the completion of a back-of-the-book index for a financial book to be published, in June, I think, by John Wiley & Co. When it gets closer to release, I'll post more details -- but I will say the book is about trading stock options and it was written by S. A. Johnston and that it's a fascinating book that's written very well.

It was a little discombobulating at times, being pulled into two different media: print and online. Thinking about both projects at once, juggling ... all the while trying to pay attention to this obscenity of a war foisted on the world by the lunatics in the White House.

Why is it that if we oppose the war, people assume we don't support our troops? That's absurd. Each and every military person over there is a volunteer and has signed up to do what they perceive as their duty. This is both noble and honorable and I admire them for this.

I don't, however, admire the president for sending these honorable men and women off to possibly die in a war that is both morally wrong and unnecessary. I believe that's tantamont to murder. I believe it's a crime against humanity.

Do I support our troops? Absolutely. Do I believe in this war? Absolutely not. The best way to support our troops is to end this disaster now and get them out of harm's way as quickly as possible.

If there were some tangible way for me to show support, a way that would actually benefit even one military person thrown into hell by the president, I would do so. All of a sudden saying we support the president when we didn't, and still don't, is NOT supporting our troops. It's actually the same as spitting in their faces since we would not be exercising the duties and rights we have as Americans -- which the troops enlisted to protect.

So, support our troops: BRING THEM HOME NOW.
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