Chasing Sleep

Watched Chasing Sleep (2000) with Jeff Daniels & a buncha unknowns. About an English professor who is losing his mind - you watch as his mind caves in. I thought it was excellent - it kind of reminded me of Memento - and I'm surprised it didn't seem to make it to theaters around here (I would've noticed a Jeff Daniels movie - for some reason, he's one of my favorite actors). Saxon is a guy whose wife goes missing - but it's not your usual "guy whose wife goes missing" movie. A lot of imagery here, people constantly popping pills, blood, water ... a claustrophobic house ...

We also watched Ginger Snaps, a 2000 Canadian movie about two goth adolescent girls coming of age. One gets infected by a werewolf. It starts out well, interesting study of sisters who are outcasts in the town because they're so morbid. Even the changes that start happening as a result of the infection/start of menopause are interesting and different. But it goes on way too long and begins to fall apart in the last third. It's definitely worth a look. Features Mimi Rogers in the role of the girls' mother - a dippy character that doesn't fit with Mimi's "I've seen plenty of rough times" face. Quite a lot of nasty digs to listen for.
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