I've been busy trying to wrap up stuff, so have woefully neglected this journal, reading, cleaning the house, breathing ... I have to pay more attention to working a set number of hours each day and no more -- since I'm not a medical professional, NOTHING is so urgent that it can't wait another day. At least, nothing I have to do. So here are a couple of odds & ends that have been on my mind.

I've learned recently that there are some people who don't appreciate the value of something unless they've paid for it, whether it's website work, design work, opinions, or advice that THEY'VE asked you for (the latter two are otherwise known as consulting, if you're being paid for it). It's hard to know who these people are in advance -- especially if these people are friends and you don't want to think badly of them. I've done what I could, gratis, for friends, colleagues, and family members when asked (especially when it was a way I COULD help in their time of need) and had never been burned for it -- until today. Someone I believed in and thought better of decided to go off on a stupid power trip and excoriated me for, essentially, not doing these free things fast enough to satisfy him -- give me the CD artwork NOW ... The asshole. No more freebies for him, no way. He can pay my going rates. He shot himself in the foot, the jerk.

Stanley has been writing about a scam that's been bugging us -- put on by the pond scum of a company called World Wide Source when it sets up the scam and American Solutions Information when it tries to collect on the scam. They've been calling every day and when we feel like it, we answer the phone. Sometimes we just hang up, sometimes we make demands of them. Depends on our mood. I think Stanley's next step is to get them to send us a couple of more documents and then turn them over to the Connecticut Attorney General. Who issued a press release about this scam.

CT A.G. Blumenthal wants, I think I've read, to run for governor -- maybe in the next race (when hopefully the citizens of this state will finally realize that Rowland is a shitty administrator). The problem is that Blumenthal is so good at being an attorney general that people just won't want to see him as governor -- why should we when he does more good for the citizens of CT in one week as A.G. than a governor could ever do (especially Rowland)?

Support our troops: bring them home NOW.
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