one o’ those bad pet days

Ginger loves peanut butter cookies (well, ANY cookie will do). So does Stanley. Stanley put three boxes of Girl Scout cookies on the counter, then checked his email. Went back to put the cookies away, but there was one box missing. Ginger helped herself to about half a box of cookies. It didn't make Stanley's disposition any nicer when I couldn't stop laughing about it.

Then, as we were coming home from the library, I saw a look of horror cross Stanley's face, then caught sight of a gray streak out of the corner of my eye. Twitch! He somehow slipped past us as we were coming in the door and made his big escape, probably headed for the poison ivy jungle at the back of the yard. Twitch is not allowed outside because he'd get killed on the busy street we live on. Fortunately, Stanley managed to snag Twitch before he got too far off into the dark for us to find. It's a miracle we even saw him at all.

Poor Stanley! [I'm STILL laughing about both incidents!]
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