800-650-8375 scam—more info

Thanks to Stanley for this article: House GOP Fundraisers Put a Price On Honors (washingtonpost.com), which goes into more detail about the Tom DeLay Republican Business Advisory Council telemarketing scam.

Stanley said he can't believe how many suckers actually pay the money for this "honor," and that for just a couple of million, he knows this Nigerian bank account those people can have ...

I think people should call the 800 number (in the title) just to cost the Republican National Committee some money -- maybe make it too expensive for them to continue this tactic? I keep getting crap in the mail from them, and make sure I send it back to them in the postage-paid envelope.

The actual telemarketing is done by Akron, Ohio-based InfoCision, according to the article.

"It is not just some recipients who are angry. Lawyers for Dow Jones & Co., owner of the Wall Street Journal, contacted NRCC officials before Christmas to ask them to stop using the Journal masthead, saying they were "misstating a connection between the award and the Wall Street Journal," said Brigitte Trafford, a Dow Jones spokeswoman. Flesch said he received his "Wall Street Journal" ad fax this month. Trafford said Dow Jones lawyers would be back in contact with the NRCC.

"Some honorees who contributed have complained that they never received their promised "handsome framed certificate." Others said they welcomed the attention regardless of its value."

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  1. They tried to get me to do this. I was particularly surprised that I was getting called, considering:
    a) I’m a Democrat or Independent, depending on the issue
    2) they were calling “small business owners” - sure, I own a small business, but right now I spend more time being a dad than running a business
    iii) why the hell would i want to give some Republican clique my hard earned money????

    Posted by adam  on  02/24  at  08:31 AM
  2. Thank you so much for posting this.  I just got a call from someone who wanted to honor my boss with a “National Leadership Award.”  I searched for the 800 number to confirm the number & spelling of De Lay’s name and your site came up first.  You saved us a great deal of annoyance.

    Posted by Jen  on  02/27  at  07:57 AM
  3. Thanks so much for confirming our suspicions…We were leary although our boss would certainly deserve such an award…you saved us time not having to call back

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  03/04  at  10:35 AM
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