building this site made my soul happy

buddha_t.jpgWe launched Beneath Buddha's Eyes today. Beneath Buddha's Eyes is website for a novel of the same name written by Tony Anthony: "Based on a true story, Beneath Buddhas Eyes offers a tender story of love amidst the hell of war, a singular perspective of the Vietnam conflict, and ٗ especially at a time when the country appears on the brink of entering another war a thoughtful questioning of what America is really fighting for."

What made this site so satisfying to build is that we really like Tony, and it was a pleasure working with him. He communicated quite clearly what he wanted the site to be like, and provided us with some digital sketches (he is a graphic artist) with his concepts, and we took off from those.

Part of the site is devoted to Tony's recently rediscovered photos, which he took while he was a draftee assigned as a correspondent in Vietnam. Impressive photos.
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