catching up w/ the lamont campaign

Petition training for the Ned Lamont for Senate campaign is on Wednesday at the various campaign offices around the state. Don’t know yet if we’ll be able to get to it, but we will certainly try.

A question for the campaignmeisters: why is it so hard to find the addresses for the local offices on ? And the phone numbers—I had to call headquarters to get a phone number for the Norwalk office. Seems like a no-brainer to add this info to the main site, with maybe a name or two and contact info. Sheesh. And who are the people in those photos? And where is stuff I can use to push Ned on my website? (Go ahead—ask me to help!)

I need to remember to go to the Registrar’s office and affiliate with the Dems. I’ve been an independent so long I keep forgetting that I have to do this in order to vote in the Primary. And the only reason I am doing this is to vote for Ned Lamont. I am not looking forward to unleashing the dogs of campaign donation seekers—Stanley is a registered Dem and he gets so many phone calls begging for money he’s getting really pissed off. So, you can see how committed I am to Lamont, to risk double the number of begging calls.

Aldon sent me a bunch of links to recent postings and news articles re: Lamont & Liebermouth. It’s much more than I have time to deal with (I get Google alerts about the campaign as well), so I settled for looking at (here are the search results: And I think it’s cool that Aldon is getting some notice for his behind the scenes work.

Liebermouth lost even the remotest chance I would ever vote for him with his comments about driving to another hospital to get Plan B. Just shilling for the Catholic vote.

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