Excitement we could do without

We saw a fire break out today. We were on Post Road East in Westport, at the Cumberland, pumping gas (well, Stanley was pumping gas). Out of the corner of my eye I noticed what I thought was a welding arc and thought "who the hell is welding out in the open like that?" because it was so painful to look at.

Then I realized it was a fire. This was about 5:00. I was about to run into Cumberland and call 911 when I saw a couple of other people doing it. It took a good five minutes or longer before the first firetruck showed up -- I was surprised at how long they took (unusual for Westport). We saw a rescue vehicle too, but according to WestportNow, nobody was injured (the editor of WestportNow was one of the firefighters). I was a little worried that it would jump to the heavy equipment parked next to the fence.

Stanley's theory is that it was some kind of an electrical short because it was so intense (as I said, I thought someone was welding) and it looked like all the electricity was out in that building and the buildings next to it, and it traveled up what looked like wires.

When we went by later, about 6:15 or so, we noticed that the second story room had its picture window broken out (Stanley thinks he saw it crack not long after the fire started), and firefolk were standing all over the roof. Traffic was actually moving pretty well along the Post Road despite the re-routing.

We really should start making a habit of taking our camera with us when we go out.
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  1. That would explain the CL&P looking truck in front of the salon when I drove by later that night - about 7:15 or so. I thought it was a little odd, but figured they were fixing a transformer or some such…

    Posted by adam  on  03/21  at  07:33 AM
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