Fungi food sparks latest round of nuttiness

What's in Those Nuggets? Meat Substitute Stirs Debate. (Log-in required - but it's free).

It's all about Quorn. "Quorn ... is a meat substitute made from a kind of a fungus, grown in giant fermentation tanks and processed into a low-fat, protein-rich substance that has some of the texture of meat."

Now 'shroom growers and various overlords of our health & food industry infrastructure are protesting a food that's been eaten by millions in Europe for more than 15 years. Spreading all this alarm in their neverending effort to protect us from ourselves whether we want them to or not. After all, there are no greater concerns for these foodies to worry about - such as all those people who don't get enough of any kind of food. No sirree - let's make mountains out of those anthills.
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