I hope this was a freak storm

I know, I know, I live in New England, it's normal for it to snow ... but the last couple of winters have been so mild I've gotten spoiled. I got my lifetime fill of snow the winter it snowed five or twelve inches every Wednesday, 1993-94? (I forget -- I've blocked it), when the snow didn't melt until the end of April. But it's pretty. For about 20 minutes.

I'm not so good with a digital camera -- but I did get a few shots where I could actually figure out what I was taking a picture of. It might've been easier during the daylight, I s'pose.

Stanley, of course, had his usual cheerful, "gotta dig out" expression.

Ginger ran around like a mad dog, but ten minutes seemed to be enough for her. Made some yellow snow, then she wanted to go in.

It looks like we got about six or seven inches of snow.

Stanley just got happier and happier while he was digging out the van.

This snow is supposedly light and fluffy. Maybe it'll just blow away.

This idiot human keeps taking pictures. Damn it, you stupid cat, just open the damn door -- I promise I won't chase you. Tonight.

I could do without the snow. I really could.
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