i want a machine that can make images like his!

SolaAuraClose136Dv1.1200.jpgImage Savant is the studio of Richard (dr.) Baily, who created the planet Solaris for the movie, as well as creating many of the images for The Cell. This is what he says:

"SPORE is an ongoing software/aesthetic development project that has grown out of a proprietary ultra-high speed particle renderer which runs on Irix and Linux. All the images on page 1 and 2 [on his website] are stills from animations, and some of these stills are constructed with over 1 billion particles.

"SPORE was used exclusively to deliver over 60,000 frames of atmospheric planet animation to the production of the feature film Solaris this year, and about 15,000 frames were created for The Core. It is currently being used to create character animation for the movie Wrinkle in Time. Ultimately, the goal is to build a living system that will breed and evolve designs and animations that I would never have thought of, and could not create with any other system ... "
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