my life is running about three months behind schedule

I've been meaning to get some of these photos up for months now. We went to visit our folks in Natick, MA over the holidays. I always take the camera, but most of the time I forget that I have it and don't get nearly as many pics as I'd like.

Stanley: "Don't touch this, ever!" Ginger: "Yeah, right."
Ginger's first Christmas

"Linux! Linux! I want Linux! Windoze sux ... "

"Have I got a deal for you!"
Ginger begging

"Look at this face. Would I lie?"
Ben joking around

"I'm perfectly fine here, that crackhead dog can't see me here ... "
Twitch hiding

"What, me think?"
post-feast stupor

And here are a couple of shots I just like. Stanley snapped the cat.

"I said DEFRAG NOW!"
Twitch bossing Stanley around

"Wait, I missed a molecule ... "
Ginger and Cherry Garcia

I tried to take a lot of pics on Easter, but I screwed up. Here are some of the shots that did come out:

"See, that one over there, well he insists that I do my homework and ... "
Ben discusses life's quirks with Twitch

[bliss] "Ah, a hambone"
Ginger with the ham bone

"Whoah, I didn't KNOW that!"
Ben and Twitch redux

And th, th, thaaaat's all for now.
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