my new hero

Kitten.gifSonya has replaced Miss Cleo in my pantheon of heros. Miss Cleo only dealt with people.

Sonya, however, deals with ANIMALS! For just $300, she'll spend an hour on the phone telling you what Fluffy and Fido and even your fish or geckos are trying to tell you. It's so amazing - Miss Cleo could only speak English and this strange English dialect that was supposed to sound Jamaican. But Sonya, SONYA!, can speak hundreds of animal languages!

Sonya's website is SO informative, providing ALL KINDS of information on how to buy her books and videos and schedule a consultation, er, reading. Or where to go for a seminar (just $55!!) Well, no, there's no information about animals or possible pet problems and what to do with them or, well, nothing at all about where to find info for helping pets ... but there are the details, twice, on when to watch her on Animal Planet.

As Stanley wrote when he sent me Sonya's link, "we're in the wrong business."
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