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Well, I haven't entirely figured out this RSS thing -- I almost understand what it is. At any rate, Nick Bradbury, the genius behind my favorite program, TopStyle (a great CSS editor plus), has beta released FeedDemon, which is interesting. You can download the beta here: FeedDemon. I managed to add my RSS feed ( without much trouble at all. The beta works for a month, sez Nick, but he doesn't know yet what the pricing will be.

I thought I'd be pretty much finished with most of the website I'm working on by end of day Friday. Hah! But really, it's almost done -- the home page is tricky and it's taking me longer to build it than I anticipated. But it'll be done as far as we can make it done by Sunday evening, maybe 12 more hours of work between us (Stanley & me, I mean). I'm just glad he found a new used van so he isn't fretting so much about not having his box to haul around his work stuff. It's a pretty good deal, too, from Dan Perkins Used Cars in Milford. Our sales guy was Mike Cap(etc.)

So this weekend I have to finish the website stuff, finish an ebook I've been working on and have been anxious to finish because I like it, do a little work on, and, since the weather is FINALLY going to be nice, finish planting stuff -- they stuff that hasn't gotten root rot, anyway. Oh, and figure out how to install MT on our new server. And play with the dog.

Anyway--time to go to sleep. Almost.
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  1. Lee, thanks for mentioning my site on yours.  What is a RRS???????

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