nice stuff, part three: lurid sunsets

Our office, which is in our home, faces west. In the summer we see mostly greenery. But once the leaves are gone, as if to compensate for the view of the traffic speeding by on Strawberry Hill Avenue, we get to see the sunsets. Thursday night, the sunset was more lurid than I’d ever seen it. So I ran out with my Vivitar to try to capture it, then grapped the digital camera to get a few more shots.

The first shot is one through the shrubs—the bright orange in the middle of the shot is the sky. This is the exact color I saw, the color of flame.

sunset, looking west

This next shot I like. It shows more of the sky and the lights of the cars. This was just before rush hour.


January 13, 2005 sunset

The sunsets that have been visible the last few days, including today, have been so lurid I’m wondering if there’s something to explain it—the only major geologic activity lately has been the earthquake/tsunami; could that have thrown up particles into the atmosphere to affect the sunsets? Was there a volcanic eruption I didn’t hear about? Something to explore when I have a little more time. Or, as Stanley usually says about stuff like this, “It’s the end of the world!”

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