“Notes from the Road” vol. 25

Eric Gauger just released the latest edition of "Notes from the Road." It's a follow-up to an earlier piece about Afghani expatriates, the "Lost Sons of Afghanistan."

"A Museum for Kabul" follows the journey of a fictional art dealer that documents the status of art and artifacts from Afghanistan. Pictures of lost antiquities emphasize the tragedy of Afghanistan.

It begins:
"The Lost Sons of Afghanistan - the ousted souls of war who kept a dream alive from far corners, are uncovering their paperwork, packing their bags, and heading home to do for their country or their cause what they have been working for over twenty three years - to save, restore and return Afghanistan's plundered antiquities back to the country.

"What was not blown to bits from twenty years of war, exists in the dark cellars and long hallways of other countries' private mansions and museums. The museum of Kabul is now a cracked skull in a dusty desert - all its years of knowledge perhaps lost forever, no redemption."
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