Ok, the first step is done

I managed to figure out a basic layout that works in both IE and Foxfire. Now I just need to apply the template to the other pages, get the search stuff working, clean up some of the old code. And then twitch and twitch the stylesheet until I get it all right.

black beauty oriental lilyWe managed to steal an hour and get some more shrubs and bulbs in. Stanley planted some forsythia (sticks) and a lilac. I got a bunch of bulbs in. I put in some Black Beauty oriental lilies.

Since it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, and be wet and cruddy on Tuesday, the next chance I’ll get to plant more pumilim asiatic lilybulbs is on Wednesday when it’s supposed to be sunny and get up to 50 degrees or so. I thought at a certain point in the fall you couldn’t plant bulbs any more, but I was told by the gurus at Dave’s Garden that most bulbs can be planted until the ground freezes—and the ground is a long way from that here. When I do get back out there, I’ll plant the other lilies, such as this pumilum siberian lily, plus some glad bulbs and lots of allium.

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