Phil Phinished on MSNBC. New Architect Dead next month?

MSNBC axes Phil Donahue's talk show. Not enough viewers. All this amidst the general moaning and groaning about there being no talk show (on radio or tv) for liberals. I'm just wondering if the reason talk shows for liberals don't succeed is because most liberals have better things to do than get a daily dose of what to think fed to 'em. Like think, read, write, converse. Maybe, just maybe, it's because most liberals are not sheep, like the herds of dittoheads or the legion of idiots who listen to O'Reilly's braindead ranting?

I got something in my email today informing me that New Architect is dead after the March issue, and do I wanna subscribe to, I think Software Developer instead. Or something like that -- I deep-sixed the message so I don't remember for sure. As much as I won't mourn the demise of New Architect, I sure as hell don't see what a magazine for software developers has to do with internet technologies. I suppose one could stretch it and make a case, but why? I liked NA better when it was Web Techniques -- was much more interesting because it was a little quirky. I still think CMP Media should get some kind of a prize for making NA the most boring-looking site on the planet (the print mag is almost as boring).
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