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Michael Savage is a talk radio bsmonger, with a show syndicated by Talk Radio Network. Apparently, he's a particularly virulent shrieker against gay rights (and women and people of color and ... ) GLAAD organized a boycott against Savage's advertisers. And some smaller websites, such as and have picked up on the story and have reported on Savage's nastiness as well as supporting the boycotts.

So TNR radio and Savage are suing not GLAAD, which is well-funded and not about to take any crap from idiots like Savage, but three small websites that don't have the deep pockets to defend themselves against this type of spurious lawsuit. Read about it here: Michael Savage Weiner Lawsuit. Apparently, TNR blames these three, pretty obscure websites for the loss of an advertiser: Culligan. As in water. And is asking for damages of up to $100,000 to compensate.

What I would like to see happen is for GLAAD to take up this cause and pay for the legal defense of the sites being named in this suit. If TNR wins this suit because the defendants don't have to resources to mount an adequate defense, GLAAD will be the next group in TNR's site.

This is a suit that should be tossed out.
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