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The dogwoods are already a week late -- there are buds, but they're not open yet, alas! I posted pictures of them last year on April 18th, and they'd already been open a few days. No sign of the magnolia blossoming, either, though others in the neighborhood are starting to open up. Very late spring, I guess. I hope that means we'll have a very late winter.

The dog has been moping all day. I know Ginger's a little tired because she got a lot of exercise yesterday, but mostly she's missing her boy. She's crazy about nephew Ben and was so happy to see him over Easter weekend I thought she was going to dislocate her back from wagging so hard. When we pull up in the driveway in Natick, all I have to do is open the car door just a little and she bolts up the stairs to the door barking at the top of her lungs -- doesn't matter how long it's been since we were there last., it's the same routine She starts getting extra happy about the time we pass the fire station in Natick.

How do I know she's moping? Well, she's been upstairs a good portion of the afternoon -- not like her, she's usually under our feet in the office. She's not sick (I checked). And there the very meaty bone from the ham that's sitting there virtually untouched (other than for her dragging it onto the rug from the plate, naturally). And she didn't care when the cat started chewing on it. So I know it's mope city. She'll be over it tomorrow.

We had a pleasant Easter, good conversation, good food. It reinforces how much I miss my far-flung family. I know it's abnormal, but I actually LIKE my family, including my parents!! I hate having them spread out across 1,000 miles.

This is a fan site devoted to Hitchcock's Vertigo. I think it's by M. C. Oldenburg, though it's hard to tell. At any rate, it's a well-done site and makes me remember how much I like a lot of Hitchcock's stuff. I'll have to check this movie out of the library so I can see it again -- it's been way too long since I watched it. Nice flash intro, too.

And that's all for now. I'll get back to the war and the crimes perpetrated by that ignorant, greedy, and evil man in Washington DC tomorrow. Or Tuesday -- I get so worn out from getting so angry at it all.
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