so happy

We had the new Harry Potter to listen to (all 23 disks), beautiful, clear weather, no traffic (we completely bypassed New Jersey by going up to I-84 and taking that to Scranton, then 81 down to pick up 80) ... getting here was actually a pleasure this year. It took 7.45 hours from Norwalk, CT to just past Youngstown, OH. The Super 8 in Austintown, OH, was just fine -- we'll stay there again. Then, seven hours later, we were in Oscoda, MI. Ben and the creatures are all good travelers (well, the cat can be pretty noisy when we start out), so it was a fun trip.

It is so good to see Mom and Dad. Today is Mom's birthday. This afternoon, we'll take Ben shopping for Mamie's bd present and then go to the beach. Nice.

I don't even mind being on dial-up.
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