squirrel haven seems to have new tenants

Well, we figured out the digital zoom. Not that it helped much -- the shots are only a bit closer.

This is one parrot in the pine tree:


And the other in the catalpa tree:


They decided to get together:


We tossed some peanuts out for them -- don't know if they eat them or not. Tomorrow, when we go to Petco, we'll get some sunflower seeds or something. Though the squirrels will probably eat them. What do parrots eat, anyway?

Ginger decided to do a little landscaping:


She's trying to dig out a big root. Or go to China. Good thing we didn't plant anything there yet.


Maybe she's building a house for herself? Not that she'd have the guts to stay there when the bus goes by. Or the garbage truck. Don't know what's going on inside that little doggy brain.


"Give that back to me! I need it for my house!"


Today: very little accomplished, but a fairly peaceful day. Except for trying to deal with the company that manages our web server. But I'll save that for some other post - maybe.
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