stanley-saturday morning

Stanley was resting fine as of my 5:00 am phone call, and when I called at 8:45, the nurse said his chest tube is out!! They’re going to try to feed him some breakfast. I’m looking forward to talking to him at last—it is so damned frustrating not to be able to tell him things. He will get moved to a regular room today if one becomes available. Yay!

I haven’t decided yet if I will tell him that his stupid cat streaked outside as I was bringing the dog in from her pre-bed walk. I had to chase Twitch across two back yards. What’s even worse (besides it being just 13 degrees out), he went right through patios against the back doors of the neighbors at 1:00 in the morning. I finally caught him and had to find my way down the hill and through a rock garden just going by the moonlight. Twitch was supremely proud of himself. Crisis averted. Stupid cat.

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