strange search terms

This is about nothing. Really. Just looking through my log files and noticing the top search terms that lured unsuspecting souls to my eighth of an acre of the world. Number one was, not really surprising, "800-650-8375," which is the phone number for those phony baloneys at the Republican National Committee, you know, the ones who claim you've been honored with a leadership award for just a $300 contribution.

Next up is "lara flynn boyle collagen lips," which is an entry where I commented she looked much prettier before she blew up her lips. Why it's so popular, I have no idea.

Other top terms include my ever-foaming rants about that political whore Lieberman and an entry I stole from Stanley about Styrogami.

Now I think it's time to pack it up and head west. Library night tonight. And CSI isn't on, damnitall.
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