Thanksgiving notes

This year, I especially enjoyed Thanksgiving. It started out badly--a bad accident and a detour, then, when we arrived, some scary news that turned out to be ok. But we got to essentially finish listening to the latest Harry Potter book, which we've been trying to do since September. So that was the good part of the trip--which is only the two or three hours it takes to get from Norwalk to Natick, MA.

The feast was a joint effort this year between my niece, Stanley, my sister, and me. It was kinda fun, though I never again want to start an endeavor like that without a cuppa Joe or two before I start. The food was very good, and one of the guests was an amazing woman from Israel--a teacher--who told us about living on a Kibbutz and the history of her family and how she was born before the UN gave the land to the Jews to create Israel and on and on. I could've listened to her and asked questions for hours. And it was interesting to be able to talk with someone who actually lives in Israel and does not have the automatic knee-jerk response to the Israel-Palestine conflict that my Jewish friends and relatives comfortable here in the United States have.

Monday, my nephew took us to see Scary Movie 3 because he loves it so much. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be--and I loved watching Ben watch the movie. And we got some work done on Friday and Saturday.

Saturday evening, my sister and brother-in-law took us out to dinner in Boston to celebrate my birthday. We went to no name on Fish Pier, then to a French restaurant for coffee and dessert, where we proceeded to argue about politics, of course. It was fun, except I again realized how thick-skulled Republicans can be in the face of all evidence to the contrary (my brother-in-law, who I think is a Republican only because his father is a Democrat). No name was fun, but not nearly as good as I remember it being 25 years ago when I used to go there often. The latte was good at Salt a la Terre (or whatever it's called), but the dessert I had (three little pies it was called, which should have been called three little bites of three mediocre pies) was nothing special. But it was comfortable and we didn't get thrown out in the middle of our arguments.

Coming back here was an easy trip. Last night the power went out, so I managed to get eight hours of sleep and feel pretty good, which is a good thing since we now have a push to finish up a site that will launch by early Tuesday morning. The only thing is Ginger gets very mopey for a day or two when we come back from visiting family because she misses people.
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