the shoemaker’s kids finally have new shoes

At long last, we put up a new version of our company website: InfoPulse LLC. Been working on the overall design for quite some time but we've been too busy to actually just do it.

infopulse_old_t.jpg (This is the version I just replaced.) I decided to just get it done. So, I consider this the beta of v. 4.0, or at least I THINK it's version 4.0. Could be #5--it's been more than five years since we formally founded InfoPulse and the site has been evolving ever since.

I originally wanted to make this a table-less site as hawked by so many standards evangelists--or at least just use tables as whomever created the markup for tables allegedly intended (displaying data). But it would've taken too long to build it out and I had limited time in which to get it done and, mainly, I don't really see the point. I read all the buzz about eschewing tables, but I've never seen a succinct explanation of why structuring pages with tables is a BAD THING.

infopulse04_t.jpg(The new version.) I also though about making it liquid, but hated the way it looked liquid, so I decided to center it. I want it to look like it's floating there. I want it too look light and calm and quiet--the eye in the hurricane of so many sites, especially web developer/designer sites--that are so gee-whiz that they just overwhelm the visitor.

It's definitely a work in progress. I need to re-do the "enlarge this image" stuff we had in our portfolio in the last version. I want to add a biz blog, and add more resources. I think, over time as I have the chance, I will remake the pages to eliminate tables if appropriate. I want to experiment more with CSS. I would like to add the ebooks we have for sale on other sites to this site. I need to add the ads and animations we do to the portfolio, and some of our rare print design stuff ...

So, I'm exhausted as I usually am when launching our newest creation. But I'm looking forward to the four projects I am currently working on: a coporate site, a news site, and two sites for wonderful artists.
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