the smena 35

just get this over with by lee flemingGot the first batch of photos from my Lomo Smena 35. Some of them I like a lot; some, from the front of the roll, I think, were messed up. But I played with one of the messed up ones with PhotoShop and got an interesting picture out of it (the one of Twitch on top of our Hoosier cabinet—where he goes to survey his realm or escape from the commotion). It will be interesting to see the actual prints.

I’m anxious to see the prints from my Holga, which I can’t see digitally because it’s not 35mm film and has to be processed differently.  I should get a batch of them from York Photo maybe by Thursday of Friday. I’m hoping the images aren’t cropped, but if they are I’ll know I have to take it over to Kew Photo and get contact sheets made with the film instead of sending it off to York, which will mean more bucks for processing. I put some black and white film in it today and took some photos up in West Redding, where we went with Helene for brunch.

And, we stopped at our favorite “antique” store, where I got an Agfa Cadet-82 box camera (c. 1937), which I’m anxious to try. First I need to clean off about 60 years worth of grime. It takes 120 film, which I have a stash of since I got some for the Holga. I think Stanley thinks I’ve lost my mind—but he’s indulging my insanity (at least for now).

Anyway, here are some more photos from the Smena:

so cold outside by lee fleming 12/04

dog moping on the threshold (of what?) by lee fleming

twitch in weird image
fooled with this one to get the image to emerge

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