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We have winter storm Beverly beginning now. I still think it’s really weird to name winter storms. I think winter storms should have to EARN their names, like “Blizzard of ‘78.”

It’s not supposed to do much more than rain a lot, turn to sleet, and then snow up to four inches—along the shoreline. The rest of the state might get 10 or 11 inches. Flood warnings, again, and wind warnings. Winter in New England.

My parents are in Panama City Beach, Florida. It’s 60 degrees there now; last night, when I talked to Dad, he said it was in the 70s and muggy.

Alas, the holidays are officially over. I have just one webpage more to do and we can launch a new website tomorrow. Then I have to do a javascript quiz for one site, take a series of screenshots and do some tidying on another site to prep it for relauching as a web-based trading application (vs. “download this software” to run the application), and update some photos on another site and, last and the thing I hate to do most: do the quarterly billing.

Today we hung the new curtains in the bathroom, and Stanley steamed them so I didn’t have to iron them. The bathroom is looking very pretty, with the new wallpaper and light fixtures and new curtains. Colonial-looking. I made a bid on eBay for the hooks I want, a pretty cast-iron piece—hope I win it. And I ordered some new rugs on Overstock to replace the West Elm rugs that I love, but that the cat has managed to destroy and anyway they’re too modern for the wallpaper (I can use them upstairs for now—by the time we do that bathroom, the cat will have them shredded to fuzz puffs). Sooner or later, we’ll replace the counter, backsplash, and sink (which is in sad shape), but it’s quite nice for now.

And so it goes ...

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