Thursday, January 31, 2008

so bummed about edwards withdrawing

For sure, I thought, he’d stay in until February 5th. I’m convinced Edwards would’ve done much better if the media would have covered his campaign and his issues, but all the major newspapers and blabbermouths acted like there were only two candidates.

I really think Edwards has the best ideas and plans to benefit the majority of Americans. Ah well. Maybe whomever wins will be smart enough to give him a significant cabinet post.

Barak Obama is my second choice, well, really my third choice since my second choice is really Al Gore, so that’s who I’ll be voting for next week. Obama, I mean, not Gore (I wish). I’m not really thrilled about him, not much of a record to look at, but at least he thinks and I think he’ll be wise enough to tap the best and the brightest for his government. But I’m not excited enough about him to campaign for him. At least not yet.

The only way I will ever vote for Hillary Clinton is if she ends up the Democratic nominee and voting for a third-party candidate would result in a Republican back in the White House. I still haven’t forgiven her for botching universal health care. I detest Bill Clinton—I never voted for him, I voted for the lunatic Perot both times. We need to move beyond the bullshit-as-usual brand of Clintonism (both of them). The nineties are so over.

The blabbering pundits are kind of stupid about endorsements. Olbermann, Matthews, others I’ve heard say that endorsements really don’t matter to voters. I think they’re full of crap about that. Endorsements matter to me. They matter to our once-Republican (a pre-W ‘publican)—he said about Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama, “If she thinks highly enough of him to compare him with her father and get involved when she never has before, that says something about him. I’m voting for Barak.”

I’ve been doing better about work and getting a little more sleep. And reading more this week. I’m not where I want to be yet, but a bit closer. Progress, not perfection, hey?

Poor Ginger. She encountered the skunk again. Not nearly as bad this time—seems like she got it mostly in the mouth. Biggest thing was getting her upstairs and into the bathtub rather than hiding on her nest in the office. Got her up there and yelled at her as she was heading for her bed rather than the tub, but she finally jumped into the tub. Stanley got out of bed to put the Skunk Off on her—we saturated her with it and will give her a bath tomorrow. The odor was eye-watering at first, but has died down a lot, more at the mild rotting onions stage now. I’ll light some candles, put some orange peels in water on the radiator ...

in the morning.

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