and maybe wednesday

Well, Stanley had a pretty good day today and took four walks, and George stopped by for a visit again. We talked about the possible discharge Tuesday, but we both think one more day is needed. I’m a little concerned about his blood pressure, which is on the low side, plus they cut his coumadin because he blood is too thin—I’d like it if things were stable before we came home.

But I don’t know what the discharge plan is—maybe I just have to cart him over to his cardiologist for monitoring. I know I do have to take him back to Dr. Robinson’s office to get the stiches out.

I’d like to go grocery shopping tomorrow evening so I don’t have to run out for a couple of days when he gets home and clean up some more of the walk if it doesn’t finish melting away tomorrow so there are no slippery spots. I haven’t even had time to do the dishes that have accumulated—would like to get the kitchen tidied up a little, too.

He’s worried that Ginger will jump on him when he gets home. She won’t. It’s more likely that his cat will try to get Stanley to pick him up, and Stanley can’t for quite a while.

His edema looks like it’s pretty much gone, and other than looking like he got punched in the mouth and stabbed a few times, he looks pretty good.

He got flowers today from me and from Jamie, Kris, and Keith. Plus a bunch of CheerGrams via the Bridgeport Hospital website, which he really loved getting. A woman from the patient relations department brought them up to him. And he got some phone calls.

I am so tired. Mainly from shoveling today—the frelling Snow Fox did a nice job on about half of what I needed doing, then quit. We got about 7 inches here. I think something is caught in the rotor, or a belt slipped or something, but I just didn’t have time to deal with it, so I finished almost everything with the shovel. I need to finish the sidewalks, but the kiddies are off for winter recess so it’s not too urgent, although I like clearing a path for the mailperson. Maybe I can go our for a little bit tomorrow morning—I want to leave here around 8:45 or 9:00, though, would like to see the doc when he makes rounds and I need to be there if S really is going to be discharged ... I should just go to bed now. Ok.

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