finally, i redesigned my home page

Since the copyright was showing 2002, I figured my home page was overdue for a spiffing up. Got a bee in my bonnet and just spent five hours making it. Will do the resource page one of these days, and eventually re-do my resume. Neither are quite so urgent. The home page was embarrassing, though.

It validates as xhtml 1.0 strict, believe it or not. I have a couple of things to twitch in the CSS and that will validate as well, though I’m not going to worry about declaring background colors and all that when I don’t really need to. It’s a simple page, not something that’s a template for many others.

I built it on the fly, using Firefox to check it as I went along. Naturally, when it was perfect in Firefox, it sure wasn’t it IE. So I spent some more time twitching it to get it looking good in IE. It looks slightly less good in Foxfire now, but the overwhelming majority of people who visit my site use IE, so I’m more concerned that it looks ok in that. Or at least, I THINK it does—too tired to test on other machines. If you notice anything weird or broken or just want to comment, please do!

By jove, I think I’ll see the sun rise in a little while—I’m going to bed. It’s warmer there, anyway. We tried not to turn on the furnace until November, but it’s just gotten too damned cold and, more than anything else, damp. I’m thinking about it because my feet are cold and I’m looking forward to my nice warm bed—will have to unroll the blankets from Stanley and the cat when I get up there ... I hope it’s pleasant enough tomorrow to work on planting tulip bulbs. Or later today, I mean.

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  1. VERY attractive homepage. Just wish I could see you and Stanley a little clearer. But great colors and spaces. Also, how did you get such clarity for a photo on the web like Floral Chaos? Amazing.

    Posted by Candy  on  10/29  at  09:55 PM
  2. Thanks, Candy! The photo of me is from the photo badge Allie made at Netkey, believe it or not.

    Floral Chaos: I took some of my best pictures with my digital camera, a Toshiba that’s about four years old now. While there is not much you can set while using the camera, it stores enough information to be able to open it up in Photoshop and enhance it. I probably brightened it and upped the contrast a bit—most photos on the web are too dark. I sometimes enhance the color saturation, but that’s a recent technique so it wouldn’t be one I used on Floral Chaos.

    On the color version of “porch view,” your beautiful piece is visible at the top of the window, though not as clearly as I’d like.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  10/29  at  10:21 PM
  3. Very nice: clean, compact, spiffy.

    It has some funky rendering issues in Opera 8.5, but looks fine in Firefox, Safari 2.0.1, and IE (on Windows - the Mac version doesn’t register with me these days, and I’ve moved on).

    Kudos!  You should submit it to CSS Reboot 2005.

    Posted by Rudi  on  10/31  at  04:00 PM
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