hairy krishnas?

I received this message today, from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (I have no idea who this person or entity is):

Call Out Gouranga Be Happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga
Say Gouranga My Friend
Gouranga ... That Which Brings The Highest Happiness

I had not a clue who or what gouranga is or was, so I googled it. Not much enlightenment there. I found out it has something to do with Hare Krishna. I found some pretty ugly HK screensavers and wallpaper. I found this on a archived Guardian page because, I think, there was/is a plague of guaranga grafitti in England and people were/are wondering what what the frell it's all about:

"In the infamous-at-the-time computer game Grand Theft Auto the award for sucessfully running down an entire group of Krishna followers was known as the 'Gouranga bonus'." Leading the author to guess that it's a publicity campaign for the next installment of Grand Theft Auto.

Another persons says this:
It is krishna for "be happy", and also a divine name: "Gouranga is Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu." Apparently, he's the "personification of blissful pastimes. He possesses a beautiful, transcendental complexion as effulgent as molten gold. He is the distributer of the superlative mellows of divine love."

Uh, yeah, sure.

Whatever. I think I've just gotten spam from a Hare Krishna. I guess that's better than an offer from Travelocity offering me one-way airfare to Canton (Ohio) for $54. I'm so excited I could snore. Now if it were Detroit ...
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  1. I was led to this site after searching “Gouranga” myself it turns out many people received this same e-mail at about the same time.  Hare Krishnas or “GTA” propaganda, its all the same.  Whats the real signifigance of it?  Anyways, its better than the damn spam telling me I need a bigger penis (Ha!), or the “hacked” passwords to pornsites, even better than the pharmacy links that I didn’t ask for.  I like the reference to “Rummy” as Al Capone.  Have you read the Rolling Stone article on one of the Bush campaign’s (senior and junior)biggest contributors, Wesdyne Corp. (I think), A.K.A. the Bin Laden family?  Very interesting indeed!  Election comes down to one state (governed by brother Jeb); then when everyones scrutinizing “little” Bush’s campaign, one of his biggest supporters (family member) organizes a massive terrorism attack on key points in the U.S.  Paving the way for a buildup of “Big” government (Spend that Surplus!) and turning American eyes on the “Threat” of WMD’s and (big Bush’s failure) the Iraqi Baath party.  Thats all thats on my mind!

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/08  at  09:05 AM
  2. thanks for posting this.
    if it is GTA related, that’s cool, i hope they do something as in depth as the halo2/ilovebees thing.
    if it’s religious spam, well, i hate religious spam.

    Posted by sbk  on  04/25  at  01:51 PM
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