natick redmen vs. framingham, uh, frappacinos?

At long last, we managed to get up to Massachusetts to watch nephew Ben play football. He plays for his middle school here. I am happy to report that his team won, a resounding 8-0 victory. Pretty good team. The quarterback is Doug Flutie’s nephew—sports talent must be in the Flutie genetic code. Team Natick actually plays defense quite well: there were two downs in the last quarter where the Framingham ball was just ten yards from their goal line—but Natick held them off.

The Framingham field, though well-lighted, has a goal post only at one end. Very strange, like goalposts cost too much money or something. Oh, and a tiny section of bleachers, but only on one side of the field.

I wanted to take some photos of Ben, #65, in action. However, it was raining so hard I didn’t want to risk my camera. And man oh man was it raining! I was blowing sideways at times. I was so glad Stanley remembered to bring the rain ponchos we got at the Smithsonian. Ponchos is being generous—they are big garbage bags with hoods and logos. But no matter—they did the trick again and I only got soaked and muddy up to my knees.

It rained steadily throughout the entire game. It’s still raining. The coaches decided Friday to move the game from Sunday afternoon to Saturday night in order to avoid the rain. Now watch—it will probably be dry on Sunday afternoon! It’s been more years than I care to divulge since I spent and evening getting soaked watching football. But it was a lot of fun getting a chance to see Ben play—and he did a good job of it to boot.

When we drove into Natick early this afternoon, we were amazed at how high the Charles River was. I wonder how much higher it’s going to get. I hope the shored up damn in Taunton, MA holds: there is a LOT of rain coming down and no place for it to go because the ground is so saturated. The guys playing football were hydroplaning!

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