This site spotlights several web designers - it's fascinating to poke around and see what people are doing especially as these seem to be outside the usual navel-gazing ring of "hey look at this cool site" designers . >>NEWWEBPICK<>SUPER PICK OF THE WORLD<

NEWWEBPICK itself, however, is a damned ugly site, too busy by a long shot, too hard to read that assinine tiny type, way too hard to navigate. The interface is supposed to resemble, what, Flash (the application I mean)? Which is not exactly user friendly to begin with. Oh, or maybe it's supposed to be PhotoShop - another friendly interface - not.

I'm not sure what the purpose is - I just know if I were a coprorate type looking for a designer for my big corporate redesign, I wouldn't have the patience for this interface. So I guess it's meant to be yet another mutual masturbation ring.
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