oliver can’t live here anymore

It’s sad: Oliver is a sweet, terrific cat—with people. But he bit Twitch so badly we had to take Twitch to the kitty hospital this evening. Ginger barks and growls at Oliver because he’s been hurting Twitch.

So we have to take Oliver back to the Humane Society tomorrow. We, and our vet, think he will get adopted again very quickly since he is a great cat, very affectionate and beautiful—we just have to make sure that they make clear in his description that he does not get along with other cats or with dogs. Needs to be an only pet. I feel so bad about it because I like him, but it just isn’t working out—and we did get him to be a companion for Twitch.

So, we’ll give Twitch some time to heal and recover from the trauma (this is the first time he’s been hurt—even my sister’s psycho cat didn’t hurt Twitch) and then look for a kitten to adopt. The vet said they might have a kitten when we’re ready—and if not, there are always kitties at the Humane Society.

Expensive lesson, though. It cost us $60 for the fee for adopting Oliver, then $113 this evening for the exam, morphine, rabies booster, and antibiotics for Twitch.

Ah, damn.

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