only 2 days of bang, bang, banging

Through the wonders of appreciation (as in real estate), we finally got a new boiler. The installers from Santa Energy spent Tuesday ripping out the old boiler (which was old when it was converted from a coal burner to an oil burner) and Wednesday installing the new one.

Get this—they were on time, and other than the noise that comes with dismantling cast iron, we hardly knew they were here. Very efficient, I think—so far, so good.

The new boiler is a lot smaller than the old one—here are two views of the old one on the left and the new one on the right (bet you couldn’t tell, huh?)—click to enlarge them (and this is the neatest you will ever see the cellar I’m willing to be a lot of money on):

old boiler new boiler

view two old boiler new boiler

We were lucky that it was in the 50s most of the two days—it did get really cold in the house Tuesday night, but we never have the heat on at night, anyway, so it wasn’t THAT much different from normal. Just a little chillier. Stanley got me a radiant heater for the office so I can work this winter and that came in handy. I wanted a space heater without a fan because the fans are too damned noisy and they end up drying out my eyeballs.

It’s just so kewl that we FINALLY have a new boiler—at the very least it will save us a bunch of oil money. And I won’t have to watch periodic hissy hysterics when the filter clogs or the pipes bang (though I quite enjoyed the show, it upsets the creatures). It’s got an energy star rating of 84 and is a tankless boiler, meaning it doesn’t run all the time just to keep the water steaming—that alone will save us some oil money. Stanley also said the intake or outgo or whatever is split apart into four so that it’s more efficient. The savings should pay for the new boiler in about ten years!

Today we received the digital camera we ordered from Woot—$50 for a 6 megapixel camera where I can set the compression—I needed to be able to take higher resolution photographs. And we wanted it. I’d put up a photo or two from it but I already burned through the batteries just figuring it out. Maybe tomorrow ... hafta get some rechargeable AAs ...

Just one more picture before I go watch CSI—this one Stanley took of the cats taking over my half of the office. Busybodies, the both of them ... (click the image to enlarge)

Slink and Twitch take over in the kitty ways

The round dot on the window molding used to be a dragonfly—Slink keeps stealing it and hiding it so I’m leaving it down for a while. Both Slink and Twitch go after the praying mantis on the ledge and a cricket that’s on top of my clock. Keeps them in practice for the moles and voles and little mousies they murder.

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