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Our new webserver comes with a handy-dandy spam filter so we can filter out spam at the root level. Stanley says email that meets the criterion in the spam filter gets sent to the black hole, which is an actual destination. I've spent some time yesterday and today putting domains, IP numbers, and email addresses into the spam filter. I don't know how well it will work, but I sure hope it cuts down on some of it. The bulk of spam still comes from a set of five or six domains, none of which I can filter out since colleagues, friends, and relatives use them:,,,,, a few others. I wish people would at least get real email addresses via their isp -- that way, if enough people just turn off the spigot, say, it should cut down on a load of spam. Why do people use these, anyway? Even our attorney uses hotmail, so I can't turn hotmail off since the new server doesn't provide a way of, say, blocking all of hotmail except the maybe two hotmail addresses that anyone on any of the 60 or so sites on our server needs.

We decided that we're taking our vacation from August 22 to return September 10. The return date is still tentative -- we don't HAVE to be back by then, at least not that we know of right now.

Besides going to Oscoda, Michigan, we plan to get to Petoskey, MI and the wild coastline along Lake Michigan between Cross Village and the Mackinac Bridge. I can't wait -- I am so so so SO ready for a vacation and seeing Mom and Dad and the dog needs to go swimming and to run like crazy far away from the self-absorbed assholes of Fairfield County, CT. (Yes, I do need a vacation, yes indeed.)
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