squirrely stuff and taking on the bushie bullies

Some people have bats in their belfry (or attic). We have squirrels in our attic. Stanley stapled mesh over the hole in the porch roof that they’ve been using to get in and store their nuts, and it’s been quite entertaining to watch one persistent rodent try to make another hole.

When the squirrels get into the eaves or whatever, it sounds as if they are bowling. The cat goes crazy trying to figure out how to get at them. Since their bowling alley is right above my desk, work gets difficult. The butternuts from the giant old tree in the backyard seem to be larger than usual this year.

Stanley is out there right now stuffing dog fur into the mesh and trying to make it harder to breach. And he’s cutting back the wisteria. It might help. My bet is on the rodent.

Today is my sister Kelly’s birthday. She’s forty-something.

Keith Olbermann was good last night. His special comment was called “A textbook definition of cowardice,” about how the Bushies didn’t even try to do anything about Al Queda. View it or read it—there are too many important points to cite just one or two.

His comment comes on the heels of President Clinton’s smackdown of Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, which I watched. It’s, at long last, heartening to see the bullies being taken on, by Clinton, by Olbermann, by Rich, by Lamont and all the others running against the incumbents guilty of participation in the betrayal of the United States. I only hope they don’t let up.

Hee hee—the boss squirrel is trying it from another angle ...

Now I should get back to work. I’m in the middle of setting up a new webserver and moving a baker’s dozen stores to that server. A word to potential ecommerce owners: don’t allow your webmaster to use non-standard architecture to set up your store because it will be a nightmare to move it when you need to. And if you get some custom work done on whatever shopping cart program you are using, make sure the custom work applies to all possible setups for your software—if it doesn’t, you’ll be crippled when you need to expand or switch to a different database. Oh, and ... never mind, I will save it for the book I’m writing (if I can ever get enough time) ...

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