Strange sounds and haircut woes

Tonight the family room started making weird noises -- it sounded like someone was banging on the radiator with pots and pans. Made the dog panic. Not only could we hear it (the neighbors could probably hear it), but it made the whole room vibrate. Stanley disappeared down into the cellar to check it out since it was obviously coming from the heating pipes. I tried to approach to see what was up, see if I could help (I knew it was unlikely, but one never knows ... ), but was snarled at so I went back to watching the telly. Later he emerged to tell me that the pipes were overfilled. Stanley's theory is he must not have closed something tight enough so there was a very slow drip that culminated in our cast iron symphony this evening. Okay, whatever. (There is so much about old houses I just don't know.)

So, when I stumbled upon this website later, I just though it was a continuation of tonight's theme: Oddmusic. A site devoted to experimental music , odd music, unique music, weird musical instruments, etc. Site owner John Pascuzzi has not only the sounds of a LOT of odd instruments (some are not really odd, just rare in this day and age, such as the dulcimer), but photos of them. A very cool site to poke around in. Some of the sounds annoy the cat, so I will play those often. (The weird creature attacked my computer speaker the other night -- I forget what I was listening too, or maybe it was just that he was annoyed at the music on Skippy's Obsession at GeckoPlex.)

And on to hairy matters. We had disappointing news today: the woman who's been cutting out hair for years retired. We like her a lot, so we're happy for her, but damn it how are we going to find another stylist even half as good as she is? Has to be in either Norwalk or Westport. I know of good hair salons in the New Haven area, but not really around here. Well, there are a couple that have a good reputation, but I really don't want to pay $100 for a trim, thank you. Ah well, the quest begins. Glad my hair grows so fast in case our first encounter is a bad one.
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