sunday in the garden

Sunday was beautiful—about 70°, clear with a nice breeze. Stanley mowed the lawn. I could smell the onion grass. Which I love: it makes me feel calm and like things are okay. I guess because I always associate it with working in the yard with Stanley and summer and feeling content with my life.

I planted some perennials in the shade garden and we trimmed the old grasses. Stanley put in a new rosebush and planted a new lilac bush (it’s small—it’ll take about five years to get big enough to get even one bloom, I think, but it’s a start). Ginger was goofy, doing the silly bunny dance she does when she’s really happy. The lilac bush we planted a couple of years ago is loaded with buds and there is a lot of amazing growth on shrubs we put in over the years. Daddy Cardinal swooped down at us when we got too close to the nest tucked into the wild rosebush and clematis drapped over an arch. We watched the finch feed her babies where they’re tucked safely in the bat house (we would prefer bats in the bat house but aren’t about to evict the finch family).

The wood hyacinths and violets are wildly in bloom, with the periwinkle and lily of the valley making a showing. The Japanese dogwood is spectacular this year—it began blooming about ten days ago. The American dogwood had scant bloom. All the trees except the mimosa and the catalpas have at least baby leaves—it seems like the butternut leaves grew an inch overnight. Oh, and there are lots of dandelions. I know they’re weeds, but I love them. All of the peonies have buds.

A bleeding heart I planted a couple of years ago finally showed up (click the images to enlarge them):

Bleeding Hearts, May 4, 2008 by Lee Fleming

The violets are abundant this year:

Violet, May 4, 2008, by Lee Fleming

Our lilac bush is only about 6.5 feet tall right now, but it’s going to have lots of bloom. They should be open and smelling like nirvana by next Sunday:

Lilac buds by Lee Fleming, May 4, 2008

Here’s a shot of the dogwood among the other trees and wisteria—I took this from the back porch. It’s hard to see the dogwood flowers in this view—I will have to get another shot of them from an upstairs window to do them justice:

dogwood with cedar and catalpa, May 4, 2008, by Lee Fleming

Very few tulips came up this year—I think the squirrels must’ve eaten most of them. Will try to plant some more this fall.

red tulip, blown, May 4, 2008 by Lee Fleming

And here is my happy girl. She’s doing well on chemo—but has lost the whiskers over her eyes (eyebrows?) and some of the fur on her nose:

Ginger, May 4, 2008, by Lee Fleming

Stanley felt better with the lawn mowed—I kinda like the meadow look, but it bugs him. He also planted a rosebush and the new lilac bush:

Stanley Thompson, after the yardwork is done, May 4, 2008, by Lee Fleming

I took this shot a few days ago and love it so I’m posting it. It’s been so cold and wet that I’ve needed to use the space heater in our office—even though it gulps electricity, there’s no point in wasting oil to heat the whole house all day, not at current rates. Anyway, the space heater is next to my chair, below the counter you see here. Twitch, heat-seeker by profession, is stretched out on this counter because it’s very warm—and his butt is directly above the heater. Makes it kind of hard for me to use my keyboard, which is located to the left (you can’t see it) and I can’t rest my elbow on the counter, but he looks so content I manage to work around him.

kitty Twitch has a nice, warm butt, April 25, 2008, by Lee Fleming

We even managed to get a tiny bit of work done this weekend. Never enough to catch up, but better than not doing any work. I’m not going to complain about having too much work—I’m glad that we do. It was a great weekend.

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