well now, that’s a relief

Christmas was fun—besides a burr grinder, Stanley gave me a Kodak Duaflex III camera and I managed to find film for it (am waiting for it to arrive) and Maureen, Jeff, Kate, and Ben gave us a dvd recorder. Everybody seemed pleased with what they received.

Maureen was getting dinner ready when Dad called. Dad and Mom are down in Panama City Beach for the winter. Dad said he had to take Mom to hospital because she woke him up Christmas morning and told him she was having chest pains. So he bundled her into the car immediately and got her to Bay Medical, their local hospital which, fortunately, is a very good one. Her electrocardiogram was a bit abnormal and her blood pressure was off the charts, so they admitted her. Since it was a holiday on Sunday and on Monday, nothing was done until Tuesday, where they gave her a chemical stress test since she couldn’t handle the treadmill stress test (her hip hurts too much).

She got the results this morning, which showed no heart damage, and they discharged her. I’m relieved there was no heart damage, but would really like to know the diagnosis for the chest pain, which lasted more than two days. I wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t the heart, but suspect the extraordinary stress she’s been under the last month or so triggered something. Dad’s carotid artery roto-rootering and then the packing up and driving down to Florida from Michigan after his docs gave him the all-clear didn’t give Mom much of a chance to de-stress. I know with me the stress creeps up on me and knocks me on the ass after the crisis has passed—I would imagine it’s probably the same deal for Mom.

She’s home (at their condo) now—I hope she can de-stress. Maybe sit in the Florida sunshine and just let the worries slip away.

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