why yes, everything is fine

Dad called me to find out if I’m okay because I haven’t been blogging lately. I’ve just been busy and too tired.

I have some photos I want to post, and I will. We went up to Natick for Thanksgiving and had a really nice time. Maureen is decorating a guest room and it’s coming out great—beautiful, and comfortable. She should trust her taste more than she does. I love the color she put on the walls, a chamois yellow that is really soothing and that changes color depending on the lighting to a deep, orangy glow at night with the lamps on. Love the lamps she and Jeff picked out—they work really well in there.

Thanksgiving dinner was good, and it was great to see Kate and Ben again, though I really didn’t get much of a chance to talk with Ben. We vegetated on Friday, watching crap TV in the evening after eating leftovers. On Saturday, we went to Curry Leaf for my birthday dinner, followed by a movie: No Country for Old Men.

The movie was very, very good. Very frightening. I initially didn’t want to go see it because I knew Maureen wouldn’t like it, and she didn’t, but she chose it so ... Stanley and I would’ve gone to see it at a matinée or something. I’m glad I saw it, though. It’s the kind of story that sticks with you as much as you might not want it to.

On the drive home, we only sat in traffic in Massachusetts, really—it took us a lot longer to get home than usual, but it was annoying that the traffic on I-90 moved so slowly for no discernible reason. Once we finally got on to I-84, it was better with only a few tie-ups. There was an accident on I-95, but we managed to exit at 18, about 50 feet before traffic came to a near stop—we were both amazed that we called it right for once and didn’t try to get to exit 17.

Did very little work over the holiday weekend. I’m still tired—I still want to get away for a few days, a cottage on the sea, if I can just find a place. We both need a break.

Mom and Dad are heading to Florida on Saturday, via stopping to see various kinder in the Dearborn area. Would love to go down to Panama City Beach and visit this winter, but it’s a hard trip down unless we board the creatures up here—the cats would be okay, but Ginger would be miserable, even at Maureen’s house (which is where we would leave her). Mainly I just want to see Mom and Dad before next August. We’ll hopefully figure something out.

More soon.

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