Wednesday, September 28, 2016

some light got in

After watching the political scene and the overwhelming disappearance of basic civility, I’d just about given up hope that things might get better.

But today, a ray of sunshine: a boy headed home from the middle school next door to us spotted a dollar in our driveway and went out of his way to tell us that he found it. I thanked him for his honesty and told him to keep it.

Made my week much better.

Slink and Pepper getting along for a change. (click to see it big!)

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

moved. at last.

It took a while for me to figure it out, but finally, I did, and moved this site to our new webserver. Rah. Just 40+ more to go.

slink says feed me feed me feed me
Slink wants me to pay attention to him. With food and a good scratch. (click to see it big!)

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

missing dad

Dad died a year ago today. It’s taken me this long to blog about it, though I did post on facebook, mainly so I could let everyone know what happened, and the arrangements and all that.

James Fleming at Trident for a trivia contest on November 21, 2014. We won!
James Fleming at Trident for a trivia contest on November 21, 2014. We won! (click to see it big!)

I miss him. He went too soon—he was just 86 and was supposed to outlive his mother, who died at 91.

I blame type 2 diabetes, the stupidity of the medical establishment throwing away more than a hundred years of knowledge and pushing bullshit guidelines and bullshit drugs for diabetes instead of what they knew worked even before insulin was discovered.

I blame the University of Michigan Hospital for giving him a heavy dose of antibiotics instead of treating him for a gout flare after his leg was amputated. I blame them too for giving him C. difficile—there is no excuse for this. I’m still angry about a world-class teaching hospital killing him. I know he had a lot of problems—but he was doing so well and progressing nicely until he was slammed with c. diff.

But mainly, I miss him. I miss listening to Dad talk about politics—I would love to be able to hear what he has to say about what’s happening in this election. I miss hearing him talk about his great grandkids. I miss hearing him tell me about his cat’s latest antics. I miss his tales of his lunches with his ex-Kiwanis buddies. I miss listening to Dad and Stanley talk about politics and solve the world’s problems. I miss his daily emails letting me know he is okay. I miss trying to figure out what to get him for Fathers Day and his birthday and I missed sending him a Valentine’s Day card and sending him good coffee and t-shirts that I know he’d love. I miss spending time with him, and I miss hugging him. I miss telling him I love him.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

quiet saturday

Downloading and cleaning up my camera (you know, one of those things we used before cellphones) I found a couple of photos of the cats. My main view from my “temporary” office is what I call, in my head, “The Cat Window.”

Pepper in the window
Pepper in the window, October 29, 2015. It was still warm enough to have the windows wide open in late October. (click to see it big!)

Slink in the window
Slink in the window, May 25, 2016. It was finally warm enough in late May to leave the windows open. (click to see it big!)

I try to keep flowers on the mantle. “Our lives shall not be sweated from birth until life closes; Hearts starve as well as bodies; give us bread, but give us roses ... ” by James Oppenheim (one of my favorite union songs).

Flowers on the Mantle
My collection, December 30, 2015. Including a Christmas gift from Kate, which I love. (click to see it big!)

Slink may be the oldest pet (he’ll be ten years old next month!), but Pepper rules.

Day in the life of Pepper
A day in the life of Pepper, April 30, 2016. (click to see it big!)

Now if I could just figure out why my computer takes 29 minutes (exactly) to start up ...

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Friday, May 27, 2016

testing slideshows continued—

These are from—the embed choice is the “Cannot embed external scripts?” for the bottom two, as the first one requires adding script code to the templates—not very useful for blog entries.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

testing a slideshow

From PhotoSnack:

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

miscellaneous—using fotorama

Testing slideshow software, take two. This is Fotorama, created by Artem Polikarpov, and I love it. It took a while to figure out how to get it to work in ExpressionEngine, but now that I know, it’s easy.

This one can take images from anywhere on the web, so setting it up from a Flickr account will work well. I set this up by uploading images to the photo gallery module in EE and linking to those.

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pepper on a bug hunt—those damn moths!

I’m testing slideshows. I need it to have a caption, thumbnail navigation, be responsive, and to open fullscreen. Oh, and it cannot be Flash-based since Flash doesn’t work on very many devices and crashes Firefox more often then not.

This one is WOW Slider, which is pretty pricey, but worth it because it does the job for the ecommerce sites I build. The problem is, in this context, it doesn’t open in fullscreen but within the iframe. I’ve written to tech support there to find out the workaround for this—they’re usually quite good at solving any issues that might come up—but I won’t hear back from them until Monday. Which is fine. UPDATE: tech support at WOW Slider provided me with what I needed—this slider now goes to fullscreen no problem. Turns out I needed to add allowfullscreen (no quotes) to the iframe.

The problem with using this version is the files have to be uploaded via ftp and they are not editable within the CMS, so unwieldy for editing by anybody but me. It has to be set up and captioned in advance.

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optimum (cablevision) & “loyal customers”

The other day we received a letter from optimum letting us know that our promotion was about to end and, because we’re such loyal customers (Stanley since 1982!) they are going to extend the promotion. However, our bill will go up $15 per month.

First, we couldn’t figure out what promotion they’re talking about. We have Triple Play, a bundle package that allegedly saves some money if you combine all three. Plus we have the gold package. No promotions. We thought.

So I called. They claim, now, that Triple Play is a promotion, not a bundle package—guess they changed their mind about this since we signed up for it about, I don’t know, 8-10 years ago? For loyal customers, they said, they didn’t end this promotion, just turned it into a “step-up” promo and didn’t just revert the rates to “regular” rates. I asked what the regular rates are for getting three services at the same time, but nobody could tell me and it’s not found on their website, anywhere. I asked why we, as loyal, long-term customers, can’t get the new two-year Triple Play rate. Because, the guy said, we’re not new customers.

I asked how having to pay $15 more per month is any kind of a reward for customer loyalty. Got a bunch of bullshit from the customer service guy. No matter how I asked, or what I asked, I got the same answer, which was no answer at all. So I asked to speak with his supervisor.

Spoke with the supervisor—he called me back. Cablevision is, for the most part, pretty good about calling back, etc. After the same story, where he wouldn’t (or couldn’t) budge on that $15 price hike, I asked to speak with someone who could actually do something.

A while later, he called me back again and said his supervisor said to give me a one-time credit of $180 to cover the price increase over 12 months. Which they did—it’s already applied to our bill. Don’t know why the first person I spoke with couldn’t apply that same discount.

We still pay too much money for cable—and I still deeply resent having to pay $5.98 per month for sports programming since we never, ever watch sports. I want to be able to select the channels I want to pay for—ESPN would NOT be one of them. And it would be a breathe of fresh air if, for real, Cablevision actually did have a customer loyalty program where we could get a significant price break. I wish there were competition. We can’t get Fios, it’s not available, and Frontier is a joke (our clients stuck with Frontier hate it). Optimum claims without the “promotion” our internet connection would be $50/month instead of $30. Which makes no sense.

After dealing with “customer service” at Cablevision, we got a survey to fill out. I did. I was blunt: loyal customers don’t get rewarded by Cablevision. Nope. We get screwed.

So, this afternoon, yet another rep called, to thank me for my “valuable” input, to reiterate the same line of bullshit that enraged me the first five times I heard it. He offered to send the latest modem version since ours is so old, and a wireless router which is, supposedly, ours to keep. I accepted—I doubt we will use the router since Stanley says you have to go through Cablevision to set it up and he’d rather just buy a new router (ours is getting a little long in the tooth).

The rep asked if there was anything else he could do. I told him, “lower my bill.” Ha! I am not appeased. I’m not unhappy with the services themselves—good connections and good service. I’m deeply unhappy with the prices they charge and the bullshit they spew about “customer loyalty.”

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

checking in, catching up

Bingo and Pepper in the new office. © 2015 Stanley H. Thompson (click to see it big!)

Stanley set up our office in a room that is a converted porch. That was, gee, in 2002 or so? Something like that. Very comfortable, though sometimes really cold in the winter until this year, when he insulated the crawlspace underneath it. Changed it to just cold. But, with my heated throw and sometimes the space heater, it works, really well. I love my office.

However, this winter, there was an ice dam above the office, which is an add-on to the main house. And it rained in the office, so we had to move out. Fortunately, our parlor wasn’t used for anything but storage (I won’t get into it ... suffice to say it was not my choice). So Stanley was able to move the cable and phone connections to the parlor after we dug out the crap (almost finished). He rigged up two long tables for desks, and I love my desk and my new, temporary, office digs. He still has a few things to do so we’re completely comfortable in the new office, but it’s getting there.

But ... I want my office back! First, it has to dry out, and Stanley has to find the leaking points and seal it (it really looked like it was raining inside during the worst of it). And it needs to be painted—needed it before the leak since it had been so long and got such heavy use and abuse by, over time, three dogs and three cats plus two humans. I think what I miss the most is being able to watch the birds at the bird feeder, and the squirrel acrobatics to get at the birdseed. We’ll get there.

progress on the health front
I am no longer diabetic. Off all diabetes medication. I’ve been on a low carbohydrate high fat moderate protein ketogenic diet since July 2013. The blood sugar got under control fairly quickly, but my doctor is cautious and waited until December to discontinue the Metformin (though she did decrease it last August). Since I was diagnosed with diabetes, I’ve lost 86 pounds.

Sticking with a ketogenic diet was not and is not an ordeal—it’s just the way I eat. The only sweet stuff I eat are berries and, when my blood sugar drops too low (once in a while), a bar of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate with almond bits. I don’t eat grains of any kind ever, except once in a blue moon I’ll have sushi with rice. I’ll eat French fries once in a while, but not many. No pasta, ever—I like shirataki noodles (konjac) just fine and that’s what I use when I make spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker. (I make my own so I can keep sugar out of it.) I wish I could afford grass-fed, free-range meats, poultry, and fish, but this is rare. So I just eat what we can afford. When I’ve tried a bit of a dessert when we go out, it is always too sweet and I don’t care for it. I don’t miss bread. I have bulletproof coffee every day (about 15 ounces of good coffee with an ounce of Kerrygold unsalted butter, about 1.25 ounces of coconut oil, and heavy cream all blended with a shake machine) and lots of eggs. Unlike most paleo diets, I do eat dairy because I like it.

My psoriasis rarely bothers me, my arthritis is much, much better. I had three gout flares over the past 14 months and am now taking allopurinol to prevent them (and drinking a lot more water than I did before)—the last bout made me unable to walk for a solid week and I am still getting over it. Gout runs in my family, so I am not surprised I’ve had flares and I suspect the flares would’ve been a lot worse had I been eating grains and sugar since they both cause inflammation. I have some kidney problems of unknown origin (suspect the cause was the first gout flare where the hospital put me on heavy duty antibiotics and heavy pain meds that caused some damage), but it’s getting better—a lot better, quickly, since I no longer use aspirin or naproxen for pain.

I still have more weight to lose, because I want to, and plan to start working out with weights again soon (Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn program—which worked really well for me when I actually followed the program in 2007-2008), and maybe add The Five Tibetan Rites—because, why not?

There is a lot of work I need to catch up with—stuff I’m looking forward to doing. I want to update our company site—I’m tired of it being so old fashioned—and learn how to set up a Magento store for one client, and update a hyperlocal media site (which is giving me fits—the software isn’t working the way it should, at least not yet).

Spring is FINALLY getting here, so my mood is much better. I finished the taxes. Money is always a worry, but that’s the norm. I have some health worries about family members, but things are improving with them. No particular rants today about politics and world events—not quite ready to get back to actually paying close attention to that yet. Except I wish there were other Democrats running against Clinton for the primary (and I absolutely hate her campaign logo).


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