Thursday, July 04, 2002

Things Photoshop

Muchas gracias to Stanley for pointing me to this site by Trevor Morris: GFX^TM - Photoshop Tutorials, Actions, HotKeys, Lightwave 3D Models, Free Images and Icons. While interesting to look at, the PhotoShop tips & tricks stuff, and there's a LOT of it, makes it a very valuable site for me.
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I am tired of:

People who don't use their turn indicators.

Idiots who don't understand the process at a four-way stop. Or think the rules of the road don't apply to them.

Asses who tailgate at 70mph+.

Jerks who insist on going the speed limit in the passing (fast) lane -- they inevitably cause more problems with that self-righteousness than they could ever solve.

Drivers who talk on the cellphone (the actual phone, not a headset) while driving become morons the second they touch the plastic.

Cheap people. You know, the ones that try to nickle and dime you downward, trying to make you feel guilty or otherwise manipulate you, into giving them at least ten times the value they're paying for. High-maintenance clients are one thing (our clients, for the most part, are pretty cool) - high maintenance, cheap ones are another story altogether -- especially if she doesn't listen to the answer to a question she asks.

People who think statements like "Don't call before noon or after 9pm" don't apply to them.

The self-absorbed-to-the-point-of-stupidity people -- I know many more of these than I should. A disease of Boomers and their offspring, I think. Fortunately, it's not a universal disease. Just more rampant in places like Fairfield County, CT.

Clerks barely earning minimum wage who act like it's really important that their customers care what they think and think they can get away with sneering at customers. And the asswipe customers who let them get away with it.

Random Musings:

Why is it all these commentators and pundits and celebrity guests on tv, such as the ones on the late Politically Incorrent show, feel the need to talk (usually shout) over the other commentators before anyone has had a chance to complete a sentence? And incompetent hosts who let them do it SHOULD have their shows cancelled. Do the shouters think this makes them seem smart? They should get a clue, or get their own websites.

William Shatner is one of the dimmest wits ever.

Mayor Bloomberg should keep his mouth shut, or get some elocution lessons. He sounds like a chipmunk on the radio. Of course, nobody sounds like a chipmunk as much as Bryant Gumble does. I'm glad people seem to be catching on to how little there is between his ears.

Ah well. If I were the ruler of the universe ...
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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Guatemala - Notes from the Road

Notes from the Road - Guatemala - Mayan History - Peten - Tikal --Erik Gauger's newest travel notes.
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