Tuesday, February 01, 2005

cardio stuff & juggling & the snow fox

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Stanley goes in for his angiogram, which is I guess officially called “cardiac catherization.” Angiogram sounds so much less scary. We’ve been assured by lots of people it’s a routine procedure—but it’s new for us. I hope the worst part is having to get up so early to get there since we are so far out of the “morning people” camp it’s not even funny.

Mainly we would like to know what’s what and find out when Stanley can get his valve replaced—the hardest part is trying to plan the next couple of months. As far as he’s concerned, the sooner the better. It’s frustrating because we have interesting and exciting stuff we’re working on and will start working on.

I don’t know all the details yet, but I think Stanley will only be in the hospital for three days or so, then it will take him three to six weeks for healing from the surgery. But at this point it’s all speculation—I hate not having the details down but have to just be patient until we hear what the doctor and the surgeon have to say.

Based on what I remember of my Dad’s bypass surgery, I will be not working for about a week—but then, I may escape into it. Maybe the hospital has a wireless Internet connection ...

Stanley is pretty strong, so I think it will all go really well for him. He says he doesn’t want the mechanical valve, but a tissue valve. I haven’t read much about it yet—I’m kind of pushing it aside until I need to deal with it, trying to get stuff done enough so that when it’s time, I can focus on it without worrying about tending the home fire. (Yes, I am majorly freaked out about this all.)

When Stanley has healed from his valve job, we plan to take our honeymoon. Just three or four days down in Washington, DC, when the weather has warmed up and spring has sprung, I hope. Stanley has never been there and I love it there. He wants to take in at least some of the Smithsonian and I want to see the new WWII memorial and go back to the National Archives again (and re-read the Constitution before the Bushies burn it or something) and take Stanley to see The Wall and, my favorite place there, the Lincoln Memorial. I don’t know if we’ll drive down there or take the Acela. But I do know I looking forward to planning it all out—I want it to be great for Stanley.

An aside:
Stanley ordered me a Snow Fox snow thrower and it arrived last Thursday. (He said, “Your wedding present has arrived.” Helene thinks it’s funny that I got a stove for Christmas and a snow blower for my wedding—but I’m very pleased with these not-very-romantic gifts!) We tested it out and it seems like it will do the job quite nicely. Now I’m ready for the next load of snow dumped on us—looking forward to it, even, in a masochistic kind of way. What I secretly believe, though, in my heart of hearts, is now that I have something to help me deal with the snow, I won’t need it at all. I know it’s a silly superstition, especially in New England, but there ya go ... we did notice that we have to be careful on the gravel portion of our driveway since it marks up the blade; I will just have to remember to raise it up on that part.

I have several things I need to work on over the next couple of days, all stuff that I like to do. Just having a little trouble deciding which to tackle first. Guess I will do the stats first, since that’s the least favorite ... off to work w/ me ...

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