Saturday, April 02, 2005

sin city: he said, she said

Went to see Sin City this afternoon (totally played hooky):
He said, “Sin City is great! I loved it!”
She said, “Sin City is mostly boring. Interesting cinematography (I guess you can call it that—it’s mostly digital). Shitty dialog, rancid storylines. Other than the style of the movie, been there, saw that.”
He said, “It was a graphic novel on film, Miller’s comic book, done as a movie.”
She said, “It’s definitely not a date movie. It is very repulsive. It’s a sexist, boy flick. I saw this movie already, it’s just a more graphically stylized version of Tarantino’s stuff. Nothing new here.”image
He said, “I take it you didn’t like it.”
She said, “It was interesting. I liked some of the graphic effects. I liked Powers Boothe’s ‘power’ monlogue. I liked Benicio Del Toro’s scenes, especially the talking head part. That was the only part that made me laugh. What was with the scene at the beginning? What was that all about?”
He said, “I dunno. I like the Senator’s speech about power too, captured exactly what’s going on now.”
She said, “I’m glad you liked it. But I get to pick the next movie.”

If this movie is an example of what guys fantasize about, it’s more than I want to know. Did I already mention that it’s repulsive? I am not squeamish, I love good, and even not so good, horror movies and even Cronenberg’s stuff. But this is beyond noir—it’s just sadistic yuck. It reminds me of this late-night cartoon that we sometimes watch, where cute animals get killed, blood spurting everywhere, that Stanley and my nephews and various brothers, in-law and otherwise, cackle at no matter how many times they see it, but I just don’t get. An awful lot of castration anxiety on display, many prosthetic body parts, including boobs. And the judge sentencing Willis was a very telling choice.

Don’t pay full price to see Sin City. Even Stanley was glad we went to a matinee.

We postponed our trip to Washington until later in May. Mainly to be sure Stanley is completely ok, and is off the daily intravenous dose of rocephron. I wanted to make it early May, but there was no room at the inn, any inn, to be had for a room rate we can afford. Instead of staying at the Holiday Inn near the Capitol, we’re going to be staying at Hotel Harrington, which is closer to the Smithsonian and, allegedly, in a better place for sightseeing. I kind of wanted to stay there anyway, after reading about it in the Washington Post DC guide, even though the rooms don’t have high-speed internet access. S said he didn’t care about that—as long as we can at least use dial-up to check messages once a day. We can dial up via Earthlink or AOL, most likely. I don’t really care other than making sure we can send a trouble ticket if one of our webservers go down.

Hotel Harrington is an old tourist hotel that’s been around forever. I THINK I stayed there when I was in DC on a class trip in the 8th grade (wow, that was like 35 years ago {gulp}). The rooms are about $100 per night but, better yet, parking is just $10 per night! We’re going to make like real tourists and do the Trolley tour or whatever it’s called, and even the Duck tour. Get our bearings that way, and I actually kind of like them because they give you the basics. And I’ve always wanted to see DC from the Potomac.

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