Wednesday, June 03, 2009

cat proximity and ...

Stanley sent me to this site: A definite time sink. Some of it parts my hair: I’m just not geeky enough to get it—I had to look up some terms that I knew were linux, but not what they meant, for example. Stanley gets it a lot more than I do.

So far, these two are my favorites (also read the tool tips, you know, those words that show up when you put your mouse over the image):

Cat Proximity by No. 231

Brakes by No. 582

And here is a puzzle: The Cryptic Canvas. There are 50 movie titles represented on this canvas—enter the movie title and if you’re right, the little box turns green and the related image(s) fade to black. You can save it and return to it. Empire Magazine created it to celebrate an anniversary. So far I have 16 out of 50 figured out. The painting was created by Amie Bolissian, whose work is very weird but interesting.

Stanley recorded Earth 2100 for me. I thought it was really interesting, though very depressing—I’m not as up on humanity as those talking heads at the end seem to be. I’d like to think that we’re not the frogs getting cooked but I see so much complacency I think we probably are. Too many people into sustainability as long as it’s not uncomfortable. But maybe I just need to get out more.

On a cheerier note, we’re taking an early weekend this week—headed up to Boston on Thursday so we can do bingo with Dad and Maureen and then see Dad off on his cruise to Bermuda on Friday. We’ll probably head home on Saturday because we have so much to do, both work work and yard work. Not to mention cleaning the house ...

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